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We’ve been busy writing about the disruptive changes happening in the document printing market for The Recycler magazine.

Our latest article discussing Remote Working is available for free download here: The Recycler – Remote Working

Other articles are here:

The Recycler – Time to repurpose the office MFP .

Lightwords has completed hundreds of Custom Research Projects, here are a few examples of our recently completed studies:

  • In-depth investigation into HP Indigo technology, supplies and production capacity for a major OEM client
  • Ongoing pricing analysis of hardware and supplies in multiple countries across North America and Europe for major OEM clients
  • Wide format printing applications and print volume analysis for a major OEM client in Japan
  • Business inkjet and laser, product and positioning analysis for a major OEM
  • Wide format, flexographic and single-pass market analysis for an OEM supplier
  • Business ink jet competitive market analysis for a major OEM client
  • New product development and market strategy for a major OEM client in Japan, the USA and Europe.
  • Multiclient study into the Wide Format, Fine Art media market for major paper mills and printer OEM’s
  • Market opportunity analysis in Latin America for a major OEM client
  • MPS market opportunity and analysis for clients in the US and in Europe
  • Large scale quantitative survey and primary research analysis of customer buying preferences focused on channels, influencing factors, product features for a major OEM client.
  • Vertical market analysis laser printers for a major OEM client in the U.S. market
  • Supplies pricing analysis and margin analysis by channel for a major OEM client
  • New office ink jet product analysis and market sizing project for a major OEM
  • Imaging software analysis and market sizing for a major software OEM
  • Financial analysis of imaging contracts used by three major OEM companies
  • Supplies usage analysis and ROI of aftermarket supplies for a major OEM client
  • OEM vs aftermarket laser printer supplies experience in US and Europe for a major OEM client
  • Ink demand analysis of applications and channels for a major OEM client
  • Systems integrator and VAR channel analysis for a major European OEM client
  • Competitive wide format brands and channels analysis for major European OEM

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