Market Focus

Print markets are broad and complex so, we focus on three market segments Document, Wide Format and Commercial Printing. We then concentrate on:

  • Applications
  • Environmental Matters
  • Hardware and Supplies Market Trends
  • Managed Print & Document Service Profitability including Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We are also in-touch with the latest industry trends towards Security and leveraging the Cloud, which cut across all print markets.

Document Printing

The market for laser and ink jet copiers, printers and MFP’s is changing fast. It has to, just to deliver modest growth. There are many vendors who can tell you how many printers shipped last quarter or, what market share share one manufacturer has versus another. If asked, we can do that as well. But, for Lightwords this information is just the start of something far more relevant.

We “deep-dive” into three market trends to help you “catch the wave”:

Business Ink Jet Printing

When the major OEM brands start launching Business Ink Jet printers and mfp’s which are comparable to their laser portfolios, you know that change is on the way. Lightwords were predicting this change before the first ink jet printers for the business market were launched. We’ve published white papers and presented at numerous conferences and events on this subject.

If you have questions, we will be able to get you to the right answers for your business.

Imaging Supplies Aftermarket

Each day there is another story about the impact we are having on our planet. Like you, we are concerned. As the Document Printing Industry continues to mature its relationship with waste, its Aftermarket, and specifically re-manufacturing, seems to have a customer-driven inertia that is accelerating.

Lightwords maintains a close connection to the supplies aftermarket and the forces driving change in the toner and ink jet cartridge supply chain.

We can help you understand how this market works today and, what benefits it could have for your environmental responsibilities.

Managed Print & Document Services

Managed Print and Document Services have transformed the document printing market over the last five years. Understanding their profitability (or cost-savings), especially at a printer model level can be game-changing for a Manufacturer, Dealer or an IT-Manager. We can, and do, do that.

Wide Format Printing

This is a market where we can say “we were there on day one”!

Our analysts were involved in the introduction and, closed the first sale of an ink jet printer for wide format “Photo” applications in the UK market. Incidentally, they also launched and sold to the UK market, the first digital camera back for commercial use, at the same time. Lightwords has been tracking wide format applications in order to forecast the market for printers, finishing equipment, media and ink, country by country, ever since.

Today, its textile printing and bespoke wallpaper production that are the focus of wide format’s innovation, want to know what’s next, call us.

Commercial Printing

Digital technology is transforming the commercial print market. Each day another analog press looses another job to digital simply because it is either faster, cheaper or offers more value add. Packaging markets, and especially corrugated, are currently in the commercial ink jet spotlight. Our Analysts have “hands-on” understanding of both sheet-fed and web-press technology, from pre-press to finishing, we know how this market works.


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