2014-2020 LightWords WideView Report: EMEA

Published: July 2017

Number of Pages: 80

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Welcome the Lightwords Imaging, Graphic Applications Service WideView Report, for the EMEA Wide Format Ink Jet Printing Market.

In this report, we present the 2014 – 2016 actual shipment data for wide format printer hardware, the inks used by these printers and, the printed media they use each year. To capture this information, we have obtained data from manufacturers about how many, or how much, product they have made and compared this information against their published financial reports. We have also conducted primary research with industry experts, Print Service Providers and channel players suchas distributors, wholesalers, dealers and agents.

We have then analysed this information to deliver a detailed market forecast for each product segment based on our Analysts view of the market trends, economic market drivers and our assessment of the likely impact technology is going to have on these products. Lightwords defines the EMEA region as consisting of geographic Europe which includes the European portion of Russia, the Middle East and all of Africa.

The result is a market model relied on by numerous executives across the world to plan their business strategies and focus product innovation.

Executive Summary

The digital ink jet wide format market is growing at a fast pace. But growth varies across the different market segments, for example; the Eco-solvent technology market for hardware, media and ink is in decline as UV and Latex technology offers a safer and arguably higher quality, production alternative. The aging aqueous graphics ink jet market is also feeling the pressure from these new technologies.

The graphics market is managed by creative, inventive and competitive service providers who are constantly developing and refining applications which are driving demand upwards. As these service providers are increasingly relied on by their advertising and design agency clients on behalf of brand owners, this part of the industry is in safe hands.

It is a different story for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Graphical Information Systems (GIS) market which uses wide format printers that are subtly different to aqueous graphics hardware. Demand in this market is primarily driven by the construction industry and we are seeing significant differences across the world in demand for these products. For example; demand remains high in China but it is becoming rapidly depressed in Latin America.

Finally, the wide format success story must discuss the digital textile market. Double digit growth rates reflect the latent demand for disruption of the supply chain which wide format printing is facilitating. Digital printing is reducing inventories, shortening time to market and reducing price per square metre of custom printed fabric across the world.

The trends in EMEA broadly reflect worldwide demand patterns although individual countries will have differences depending on their industry profile. If you need this level of insight, give us a call and we will be pleased to drill into the data to reveal these market trends for you.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Executive Summary 3
Research Methodology and Product Definitions 4
EMEA Regional Forecast Assumptions 12
Macro Economics 12
EMEA Aqueous CAD Market 13
State of the EMEA Aqueous Ink Jet CAD Market 13
CAD Market Segmentation 13
Segment 1: Aqueous CAD 17 Inch (42 cm) 13
Segment 2 & 3 Aqueous CAD 24 Inch (61 cm) with Low and Higher Specifications 13
Segment 4 Aqueous CAD 36 Inch to 44 Inch (91 cm to 110 cm) 13
Dye, Pigment, Gel and CrystalPoint Inks 14
Media 14
CAD Applications 14
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 14
Market Conditions 14
Application Drivers 14
Competitive Forces 15
Technological Developments 15
EMEA Aqueous CAD Market 16
EMEA Aqueous CAD Hardware Market Trend Analysis 17
EMEA Aqueous CAD Ink Market Trend Analysis 20
EMEA Aqueous CAD Media Market Trend Analysis 22
EMEA Aqueous Graphics Market 24
State of the EMEA Aqueous Ink Jet Graphics Market 24
Graphics Market Segmentation 24
Segment 5: Aqueous Graphics 17 Inch (42 cm) 24
Segment 6: Aqueous Graphics 24 Inch (61 cm) 24
Segment 7: Aqueous Graphics 36 Inch to 44 Inch (91 cm to 110 cm) 24
Segment 8: Aqueous Graphics 44 Inch to 65 Inch (110 cm to 165 cm) 24
Segment 10: Aqueous Graphics Production. 24
Dye and Pigment Inks 25
Media 25
Graphic Applications 25
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 25
Market Conditions 25
Application Drivers 25
Competitive Forces 26
Technological Developments 26
EMEA Aqueous Graphics Markets 27
EMEA Aqueous Graphics Hardware Market Trend Analysis 28
EMEA Aqueous Graphics Ink Market Trend Analysis 30
EMEA Aqueous Graphics Media Market Trend Analysis 32
EMEA Aqueous Textile Market 34
State of the EMEA Aqueous Textile Market 34
Textile Market Segmentation 34
Segment 11: Aqueous Textile Dye Sublimation Transfer Hardware 34
Segment 12: Aqueous Textile Dual Transfer & Direct Print to Fabric Hardware 34
Segment 13 Aqueous Textile: Direct Print to Fabric Hardware 35
Aqueous Textile Inks 35
Media 35
Textile Applications 35
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 35
Market Conditions 35
Application Drivers 36
Competitive Forces 36
Technological Developments 36
EMEA Aqueous Textile Market 37
EMEA Aqueous Textile Hardware Market Trend Analysis 38
EMEA Aqueous Textile Ink Market Trend Analysis 41
EMEA Aqueous Textile Media Market Trend Analysis 43
EMEA Solvent Ink Jet Market 45
State of the EMEA Solvent Ink Jet Market 45
Solvent Market Segmentation 45
Segment 14: Low/Eco Solvent 45
Segment 15: Solvent <3 metres 45
Segment 16 Solvent >3 metres 45
Eco, Low and Hard Solvent Inks 45
Media 46
Solvent Applications 46
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 46
Market Conditions 46
Application Drivers 46
Competitive Forces 47
Technological Developments 47
EMEA Solvent Market 48
EMEA Solvent Hardware Market Trend Analysis 49
EMEA Solvent Ink Market Trend Analysis 51
EMEA Solvent Media Market Trend Analysis 53
EMEA Latex Ink Jet Market 54
State of the Latex Ink Jet Market 54
Latex Market Segmentation 54
Segment 17: Latex Ink Jet Printers 54
Latex Inks 54
Media 54
Latex Applications 55
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 55
Market Conditions 55
Application Drivers 56
Competitive Forces 56
Technological Developments 57
EMEA Aqueous Latex Market 58
EMEA Latex Hardware Market Trend Analysis 59
EMEA Latex Ink Market Trend Analysis 62
EMEA Latex Media Market Trend Analysis 64
EMEA UV Curable Ink Jet Market 65
State of the UV Curable Ink Jet Market 65
UV Market Segmentation 65
Segment 18: UV Curable Roll to Roll Printers 65
Segment 19: UV Curable Hybrid Roll to Roll & Flatbed Printers 65
Segment 20: UV Curable Flatbed Printers 65
UV Curable Inks 65
Media 66
UV Applications 66
EMEA Region Forecast Assumptions 66
Market Conditions 66
Application Drivers 67
Competitive Forces 67
Technological Developments 68
EMEA UV Curable Market 69
EMEA UV Hardware Market Trend Analysis 70
EMEA UV Ink Market Trend Analysis 73
EMEA UV Media Market Trend Analysis 75
License Terms and Conditions 77
Lightwords Background 78
Staff Biographies 78
Partner Organisations 79

List of Figures

Figure 1: EMEA Wide Format Market by Application Type 16
Figure 2: EMEA Aqueous CAD Market 16
Figure 3: EMEA Aqueous CAD Hardware Shipments 17
Figure 4: EMEA Aqueous CAD Hardware Installations 17
Figure 5: EMEA Aqueous CAD Hardware Price 18
Figure 6: EMEA Aqueous CAD Hardware Revenue 19
Figure 7: EMEA Aqueous CAD Ink Shipments 20
Figure 8: EMEA Aqueous CAD Ink Price 20
Figure 9: EMEA Aqueous CAD Ink Revenue 21
Figure 10: EMEA Aqueous CAD Media Shipments by Type 22
Figure 11: EMEA Aqueous CAD Media Revenue 23
Figure 12: EMEA Wide Format Graphic Applications Markets 27
Figure 13: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Market 27
Figure 14: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Hardware Shipments 28
Figure 15: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Hardware Installations 28
Figure 16: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Hardware Price 29
Figure 17: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Hardware Revenue 29
Figure 18: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Ink Shipments 30
Figure 19: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Ink Price 30
Figure 20: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Ink Revenue 31
Figure 21: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Media Shipments by Type 33
Figure 22: EMEA Aqueous Graphics Media Revenue 33
Figure 23: EMEA Wide Format Market by Application Type 37
Figure 24: EMEA Aqueous Textile Market Revenues 37
Figure 25: EMEA Aqueous Textile Hardware Shipments 38
Figure 26: EMEA Aqueous Textile Hardware Installations 39
Figure 27: EMEA Aqueous Textile Hardware Price 40
Figure 28: EMEA Aqueous Textile Hardware Revenue 40
Figure 29: EMEA Aqueous Textile Ink Shipments 41
Figure 30: EMEA Aqueous Textile Ink Price 41
Figure 31: EMEA Aqueous Textile Ink Revenue 42
Figure 32: EMEA Aqueous Textile Media Shipments by Type 43
Figure 33: EMEA Aqueous Textile Media Revenue 44
Figure 34: EMEA Wide Format Market by Application Type 48
Figure 35: EMEA Solvent Market Revenues 48
Figure 36: EMEA Solvent Hardware Shipments 49
Figure 37: EMEA Solvent Hardware Installations 49
Figure 38: EMEA Solvent Hardware Prices 50
Figure 39: EMEA Solvent Hardware Revenue 50
Figure 40: EMEA Solvent Ink Shipments 51
Figure 41: EMEA Solvent Ink Price 51
Figure 42: EMEA Solvent Ink Revenue 52
Figure 43: EMEA Solvent Media Shipments by Type 53
Figure 44: EMEA Solvent Media Revenue 53
Figure 45: EMEA Wide Format Market by Application Type 58
Figure 46: EMEA Latex Market Revenues 58
Figure 47: EMEA Latex Hardware Shipments 59
Figure 48: EMEA Latex Hardware Installations 59
Figure 49: EMEA Latex Hardware Price 60
Figure 50: EMEA Latex Hardware Revenue 61
Figure 51: EMEA Latex Ink Shipments 62
Figure 52: EMEA Latex Ink Price 62
Figure 53: EMEA Latex Ink Revenue 63
Figure 54: EMEA Latex Media Shipments by Type 64
Figure 55: EMEA Latex Media Revenue 64
Figure 56: EMEA Wide Format Market by Application Type 69
Figure 57: EMEA UV Market Revenues 69
Figure 58: EMEA UV Hardware Shipments 70
Figure 59: EMEA UV Hardware Installations 71
Figure 60: EMEA UV Hardware Price 71
Figure 61: EMEA UV Hardware Revenue 72
Figure 62: EMEA UV Ink Shipments 73
Figure 63: EMEA UV Ink Price 73
Figure 64: EMEA UV Ink Revenue 74
Figure 65: EMEA UV Media Shipments by Type 75
Figure 66: EMEA UV Curable Media Revenue 76